The school prepares children for the ICSE Examinations as well as the ISC examinations, conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate, Examination, New Delhi. These examinations are of a high standard and conducted at an all India level. Apart from academics, the school aims to inculcate in each student, high values and standards to develop mature minds and good human beings for the country and the entire world.
The school has a staff of about 100 teachers including counsellors, special educators, physical educators and a host of staff handling activities such as Music, Dance, Speech Drama and Elocution, Computers, Yoga, to name a few.
The new campus with state of the art facilities and infrastructure became operational in 2012.
The office is manned by a dedicated and efficient team of people. It is a fact that the staff of St. Gregorios High School hardly ever leaves to take up a post elsewhere, unless it is to head another school.


The St. Gregorios Education & Medical Trust was formed in 1992, with the express purpose of giving back to the community in which they were based, something special - and what could be more special than young people, enlightened and eager to do their bit for humanity. They drew inspiration from their Patron Saint –St.Gregorios, who believed in love for all and sympathy and affection to all mankind. Thus was born the St. Gregorios High School.

The Gregorian Nursery and Kindergarten opened its doors to children in the year 1993, and in the following year 1994, the main school began functioning with only 21 children in class I. From these humble beginnings, the school has gone from strength to strength and today a huge 5 storeyed building with a basketball court and long jump pit side by side with a throw ball court and stadium bears testimony to the determination and commitment of all those associated with the school.


The management and staff of the school firmly believe that BETTER INDIVIDUALS MAKE A BETTER COUNTRY and hence strive to instil the necessary values in the children and provide them with a holistic, well-rounded education.


“The school aims to produce individuals who are Indian in spirit but global in vision, committed and concerned citizens who will contribute to society.”