The curriculum followed at St. Gregorios is that recommended by the ICSE council. The school trains children to appear for the ICSE examination and also offers courses at the ISC level in Science, Commerce and Humanities.

For purposes of curricular organization, the school is divided into four sections:

  1. Pre School - Nursery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG
  2. Primary school – Std.I-Std.V
  3. Secondary school - Std.VI-Std.X
  4. Higher Secondary School – Std.XI-Std.XII

We are housed in two buildings, however, the entire school is treated as one single unit.


At the pre-school level, the Playway method is followed. This enables each child to develop at his or her own pace, and evaluation is a continuous and ongoing procedure that is not confined to any examination process. Emphasis is laid on oral skills and activities rather than on formal learning. Each and every child is given an opportunity to express himself /herself and allowed to blossom.


At the Primary level, the environmental approach is used. The importance of caring for the environment is stressed upon and children are made to realize that concern and preservation of their environment is really a concern for all mankind. A theme is chosen and the entire scheme of studies is built around that topic. There are no text books, instead children use worksheets prepared by their teachers. There are no examinations at all and evaluation is both qualitative and quantitative, where grades rather than marks are awarded on all their activities, and like inthe pre-school, assessment is on oral as well as written work.


At the Secondary level, there is a blend of academics, value based education, co-curricular activities and sports; which we believe is essential for the overall development of the child. At the Std. IX and X, children can choose from a number of subjects such as Computer Applications, Commercial Applications, Environment Applications, French, Technical Drawing Applications and Art, among others.

Group I     English, Hindi, Social studies (Compulsory)
Group II     Mathematics & Science
Group III    Commercial Applications (CAS), Computer Technical Applications (CTA), French, Technical Drawing Applications (TDA), Art andEnvironmental Applications.

Students having a learning disability are allowed to drop Science and/or Mathematics, and other subjects are offered to them like Commercial Studies, Environmental Science & Economics.


We at St. Gregorios High School, (ISC) offer the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams with an eclectic blend of subjects which are personalized to suit individual interests. Our course prepares students to be successful, in every walk of life. We equip them to pursue their degree anywhere in the world. The mission of our ISC curriculum is to offer career enhancing education programs and to deliver premier quality learning opportunities in a stimulating environment.