The school is an active member of the Junior Global Partnership program initiated by the New York Mayor's office. It is a distant linked educational program involving students in the age group of 8-12 years. Students across the globe work on projects and post their writings on the designated website. Students interact with other students around the globe on a number of issues via webcam, telecoms, skype and video-conferencing. This not only promotes a feeling of kinship among students but also helps to remove the barriers that lack of understanding may sometime create, apart from teaching them how to use technology.

This is perhaps one of the few programs involving children in Grade IV and V. The teachers SailiMahagaonkar and Sitalaxmi were both winners of the Big Apple contest organised by the New York office in the years 2011 and 2012. They got to spend a week in New York with delegates from all around the world sharing their experiences as part of Jr. Global Partners.


Every year the school arranges tours to different places in India for a period of about 5-6 days. These are not just excursions but trips with a very definite purpose. Projects are designed around these trips and students collect the material needed for their projects on these trips. These projects are part of their internal assessment work.

Ex. If the class goes to Gwalior, all their projects have some Gwalior connection. In Hindi, it could be an essay. “Gwalior kikahani,apnizubani”. In English it could be a story based on a historical fact that has a Gwalior bearing. One year the children performed a play, which narrated the story of how Gwalior got its name. In Maths and Geography they drew a road map from Mumbai to Gwalior and calculated the cost of traveling by train /bus etc. All these projects are bound in the form of a book and assessed by an external examiner.

Std.X has written a book of Sonnets, short stories and plays as part of their internal assessment.

The school also arranges one international tour each year. Some of the places visited are-Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, France and Spain to name a few.


The school is perhaps the ONLY school in Mumbai to have a tie-up with the Dayton Peace Museum in Ohio. The school has a peace corner which showcases a PEACE ambassador on an ongoing basis. This was inaugurated by Mr. Michael Owen, the then American Consul General.

A book on PEACE poems was released by Steve Fryburg, the then Director of the Dayton Peace Museum in 2008.

Seeds of Peace is an international organisation, working with a view to promoting a better understanding among the youth of the world. Every year, there is an international peace camp at Maine, USA and students participate in it after a rigorous selection process. At least one student of the school has been selected to be a PEACE ambassador every year.

  • 2010 - Sarah Suleman and HridayBradoo
  • 2011 - Priyanka Kamath
  • 2012 - UnnishankarJayprakash
  • 2013 - UpasanaRangarajan and Hriday Gupta
  • 2013 - Priyanka kamat( PEER SEED )
  • 2014- Aryan Gupta


The school is an active member of EUMIND which is an organisation to promote a better understanding of the cultures of the two nations through distant linked education programs. This involves students between Grade IX-XII. Delegates from The Netherlands visit the school on a number of occasions with a view to taking the program further. Students of the school, communicate with students in Europe via webcam, skype, video-conferencing and e-journals, sharing their views on a number of topics and issues.


The St. Gregorios Interact club was founded in the year 2001 by the Rotary club of Deonar. Year after Year, the ninth graders enthusiastically take on the role of Interactors, immersing themselves in clean-up drives, fund raising campaigns, carolling, newspaper drives, canteens, sale of articles like cards, diyas, rakhis that have been made by them, under the supervision of their teacher-moderators.

Since charity begins at home, every Diwali, the interact club has been treating the auxiliary staff of the school with the funds collected. Over the years, they have sponsored Braille Kits to the blind, the education of underprivileged students, meals at the BalAnand Orphanage, Mankhurd Orphanage, Bandra Orphanage, Sevasedan, and Old Age Homes in New Bombay, Andheri and Bandra.

Collection drives have been conducted to collect old clothes, toys, blankets, toiletries, rain coats, umbrellas, etc. and these have been distributed to various needy institutes.

Guest speakers have often conducted enriching workshops and have had interactive discussions with the interactors, on various topics and issues. They take part in Rotary quizzes and functions.

The interactors are ever grateful to their parent body - the Rotaract Club of Deonar for their constant support and guidance.