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Chembur, Mumbai

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the notion that our students must cultivate the requisite skills to become responsible citizens of the local and global community.

Teaching Methodology

The school adopts a Competency based teaching learning approach where our students’ are encouraged to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

Assessments & Evaluation

A combination of formative and summative assessment is used to monitor the learning process and evaluate if the learning outcome has been achieved.

Welcome to
St. Gregorios High School

In the Classroom

The school aims to mould children into mature individuals who are creative, inventive and capable of working in a team.

The St. Gregorios Education & Medical Trust was formed in 1992, with the express purpose of giving back to the community in which they were based, something special - and what could be more special than young people, enlightened and eager to do their bit for humanity.

They drew inspiration from their Patron Saint, St. Gregorios, who believed in love for all and sympathy and affection to all mankind. Thus was born St. Gregorios High School.