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The School follows the Curriculum designed by the CISCE. It endeavours to provide a strong foundation at the elementary level
and to facilitate upward mobility for students.

The school trains students to appear for the ICSE and the ISC Examination. The academic session is from March to February comprising two terms.

For purposes of curricular organization, the school is divided into four sections:

Pre Primary

Through intentional teaching practices, a purposefully-designed learning environment and enriched activities, pre-schoolers have joyful, appropriate and meaningful learning experiences. A lot of emphasis is placed on oral and aural work i.e speaking and listening skills. Basic writing skills are introduced to hone the pupil’s fine motor skills.

Celebration of various festivals help children understand the diversity of the country they live in and foster a feeling of brotherhood and harmony. Computers and Physical Education form a part of the Curriculum for Sr. KG students.


During the Primary years, students gain independence and take ownership of their learning. The curriculum includes a number of experientially based, hands-on learning activities and programs. Co-curricular activities are interwoven with the academic programme to present a vibrant mosaic. The syllabi which is in accordance to the guidelines set by CISCE seeks to lay the foundation for concept learning at the early years which would help in creating better learners.


The school environment is designed to guide Senior students to develop effective study habits and a mature work ethic. In order to allow for holistic development, the School has developed a Curriculum framework that aims at facilitating the teaching-learning process. Projects, which are an integral part of the curriculum, help develop analytical skills in a student.

All activities – curricular and co-curricular have been designed to create knowledge, develop skills and the right attitude in students so that they are prepared for life.

The subjects offered at the ICSE level are –

Group I (Compulsory)

English, Hindi, History & Civics, Geography

Group II (Any TWO)

Mathematics OR Commercial Studies

Science OR Economics

Group III (Any ONE)

Computer Applications / Commercial Applications / Technical Drawing Applications / Physical Education / Yoga / Art (Nature & Composition)


The School offers three main streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities. The students have elective subjects which are customized to suit individual interests. The students should complete 50 hours of Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service which is compulsory.

The mission of our ISC curriculum is to offer career enhancing education programs and to deliver premier quality learning opportunities in a stimulating environment.

The subjects offered for these streams are as follows –

Literature in English Literature in English Literature in English
English Language English Language English Language
Physics Commerce Psychology
Chemistry Accounts Sociology
Mathematics/Business Studies/Physical Education Mathematics/Business Studies/Physical Education Mathematics/Business Studies/Physical Education
Biology/Economics/Art/Computer Science Economics/Art/Computer Science Economics/Art/Computer Science/Biology/Political Science