Beyond Academics

Gregorian MUN 2021

Welcome to the GREGORIAN MUN!

An event, where we work to be the future of the country,
An event where we attempt to find solutions to major world issues and voice our opinions,
An event where we push to our limits to make the world a better place to live in,
An event which will forever leave a mark in the minds of the students.
A fantastic mix of all these elements, this is a structured realm where the students are provided with an inspiration to understand their role as Global Citizens …

Junior Global Partnership

The school is an active member of the Junior Global Partnership program initiated by the New York Mayor's office.

It is a distant linked educational program involving students in the age group of 8-12 years. Students across the globe work on projects and post their writings on the designated website. Students interact with other students around the globe on a number of issues via skype and video-conferencing. This not only promotes a feeling of kinship among students but also helps to remove the barriers that lack of understanding may sometime create, apart from teaching them how to use technology.

Student and Cultural Exchange Programme

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet”

 – Rachel Wolchin

Our school truly believes in this philosophy and hence offers various opportunities and platforms to our students to have an interactive learning experience.

On October 23, 2019, eight of our school students and two teachers left the Indian shores on a cultural tour of New Zealand and arrived to a warm greeting of Kia Ora.

The exchange programme comprised a brief tour of Auckland University, the robotics lab, the library and farms. The entourage then proceeded to the most awaited part of the tour, the stay at “Kati Kati” school/college.

Each student was supposed to attend Kati Kati school in the morning and stay with independent local host families in order to understand the lifestyles of New Zealanders. Our students returned home to India, enchanted with the entire experience.

Oxford MUN

The school has been sending students for the Oxford Model United Nations programme which is the largest high school Model UN conference in the UK. Every year in November, the historic and magnificent University of Oxford brings together students from Europe, Asia and North America.

The students of the school have benefitted greatly by being exposed to a programme that places great emphasis on the in-depth examination and discussion of pressing issues such as international peace and security as well as economic and social progress.

During the conference, our students have learnt the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community.


Eumind – ‘Europe meets India’ – is a culturally diverse and enriching experience which gives students an understanding of how people and culture have evolved from place to place.

The Eumind campaign at St. Gregorios High School has been a very interesting and informative programme where we have been a part of different activities including video conferences with our counterparts from Netherlands, shooting videos, taking interviews and creating our very own website. For the year 2019-2020, the topic assigned to our school was ‘Regions’

As students embark on their fascinating, fun filled and exciting video conferences, they have realised that barring the language component, the youth of India and Netherlands share similar thoughts and follow the same routines.

Interact Club

The purpose of the Interact Club is to bring together young people, to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of service above self.

Our school, being a part of the Interact Club holds various activities throughout the year.

This is to instill the feeling of giving and rendering services to the less privileged sections of the society, learning about the advantages as well as the limitations of international negotiation.