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Facilities at St. Gregorios

Football Turf

On June 21, 2023, the school unveiled its brand-new, cutting-edge football turf. This state-of-the-art facility promises to be a game-changer, providing an unparalleled avenue for students to sharpen their football skills and ignite their passion for the beautiful game. Beyond its shimmering green surface, the football turf at St. Gregorios High School represents the institution’s unwavering dedication to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses academic excellence, character development, and physical fitness.

Basketball Court

The state-of-the-art Basketball Court has been made with the aim of providing
students with a better sports environment and world class sports facilities..

The C. V. Thampi Memorial Park

The recently renovated Memorial Park, fondly termed as the Play Park by the pre-
schoolers was built in memory of our Founder Chairman, Late Shri C.V. Thampi.
Children wait for their turn to visit the park which is a happy, rambunctious arena, filled with fun and laughter.
The walls of this park have been painted by the Art students of Grade 9 as a part of their SUPW activity under the watchful gaze of their Art teachers. The park has a solid rubber surface which is slip resistant and protects children from injuries.
The equipment includes a multi play station, merry-go-rounds, swings and a


From its inception, we have believed that ‘A school is as good as its library’ and we have made sure that the school takes a no-expense spared approach to stock the library. The school library in both school buildings is well equipped with books of different genres which are relevant to the changing times. The calm and tranquil atmosphere prevailing in the library makes it a most visited room in the school where students are encouraged to inculcate a love for reading. Interaction with eminent authors, book reviews and reading sessions are conducted regularly.

The Audio Visual Room

The Audio Visual Room is an aesthetically pleasing, operationally efficient space that has created a ‘multi-use’ environment. It has combined design and well-thought-out technology integration solutions – including acoustics, audio, video and control systems, ICT and network infrastructure which are used exhaustively to host various events.


The auditorium is a very important space in our school. Its multipurpose usage for functions, parent orientations, workshops etc. makes good utility of space. The acoustical design of the auditorium is state-of-the-art. The stage in the auditorium has provided our students their first exposure to performing arts, both as audiences and as performers.

Music Room

The newly renovated music room has taken into account both aesthetic and educational needs. Music is offered to all students of Classes 1-7 and talented singers are picked for the student choir whose vocal techniques are polished to perfection in school. The students of Grades 9-12 have their own band and make use of the plethora of musical instruments to conduct jam sessions.


The school places great emphasis on the physical well-being of students. Both campuses have spacious infirmaries to cater to students who may take ill after reporting to school. Only basic first aid is administered in the infirmaries which are manned by trained nurses. There is a doctor parent on call who visits the premises, if required, till the parent can come across. The school also has a tie-up with a local hospital for any emergencies.

Computer Lab

Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand throughout the school day. Technology teachers and administrators face the task of developing a technology plan that makes the most effective and efficient use of the computer hardware available to them.

The Computer Lab remains the favourite destination for our students with them getting to use their own desktop during computer classes.

Science Lab

We, at St. Gregorios, have always found it imperative to offer to students a high quality science lab. Science challenges one to look beyond bookish knowledge and seek answers that are based on facts.

Our well-appointed labs allow students to seek answers to ‘why’ questions and get a first-hand experience while performing various experiments.

Teachers have observed closely that several complex scientific theories and concepts that are difficult to explain directly from the books are easier to explain with the help of anatomy models, physics science kits, and chemistry science kits.

Art Room

The USP of the school, indubitably, is Fine Arts. Over the years, St. Gregorios has groomed exceedingly talented budding artists who have moved out from the school portals into top-ranked national and international Universities. These students have made great strides in their chosen creative field and done us proud.

The concept of the Art Room emerged when we felt the need to move gifted artists of Classes 9-12, who wanted to specialise in Art, to their own corner where they could give wings to their creative impulses.

Each masterpiece that adorns the walls of the Art Room beckons visitors into its picturesque environs.

Toy Room

The toy room in the New Building Complex occupies a pride of place in the school premises. The walls have been lovingly and painstakingly painted by the Art teacher, ably assisted by a team of pre-school teachers who wanted to create the right ambience for the unstructured learning that takes place during informal play.

The pre-school babies take great delight in the various corners in the room that include the play area which has indoor play equipment to develop gross motor skills, a reading corner with colourful picture books, a puzzle corner and a doll house.